Stop Turbines At Glenurquhart

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We’ve dealt with the facts and figures and now the human side of the story.

Human beings don’t seem to be part of the equation when windfarms are being proposed. These three videos tell the story.  Planning systems do not seem to consider the lives of those living near wind farms.  Would you allow this to happen to your friends and neighbours? Governments and planners around the world seem happy to take a chance!  The first video is from Australia and deals with Infrasound. This has always been disputed, but now fresh evidence is emerging that there is a link between turbines and ill health.  The video was first broadcast on Sky News on Wednesday 6th August 2015 and gives a very good insight into the effects of Infrasound and the difficulties in convincing the Australian Government of this very serious issue.

The second and third videos are from Ireland.



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We wish we could ‘Rest our Case’ but unfortunately not.   These videos may tear at your heart strings but it will have no effect on Government and planners!  So we battle on for justice and hope that, at some point in time, common sense will prevail. STAG is fighting hard to prevent repeats of what you see in the videos above from happening here in Glenurquhart, but we do need help.

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Video number 3:        ‘In the Shadow of Sustainability’  

Video number 2:        ‘The McGlinchey Story  ’  

Video number 1:  Infrasound. Critical eye cast over industrial wind turbines