Stop Turbines At Glenurquhart

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Cnoc an Eas windfarm proposal

447 ft (136.5m) tall turbines cannot be hidden in a forest.

 6 of the 13 Cnoc an Eas turbines are this height.

Visible for 15 miles (24km) along the Affric Kintail Way

Visible for 9 miles (14.5km) along the Great Glen Way

Visible for 9 miles (14.5km) along the Highland Cross route

Visible for 5 miles (8km) along A831 Beauly to Cannich

Visible for 5 miles (8km) along A831 Drumnadrochit to Cannich

Visible on all road routes into Glen Affric

Visible from Fortrose on the Black Isle

(All of the above visibility figures calculated from Force9 Energy ZTV maps)

Turbines can and do catch fire, almost impossible to extinguish

Turbine noise , flicker and vibration does affect people’s health

London School of Economics confirm house prices affected by windfarms

All existing power stations have to remain available because of unreliability of wind.  No wind, no power

Many countries abandoning the use of wind turbines.

The case against windfarms goes on and on and …………………

Now, take a look at the effect the Cnoc an Eas wind farm would have on these major long distance walks, routes and entry to Glen Affric National Nature Reserve.  Also notice the cumulative effect once other existing and proposed windfarms are included. This is not a minor intrusion on our environment, it’s the devastation of it! Also, not included, is a further proposal near Struy and Crask of Aigas- Allt Carach - which would involve up to a further 25 turbines. At present we have no ZTV map for this proposal but once available we shall publish the effect here.
All but Corrimony can be stopped but we need your help. Join us or contact us at to offer your support.

Firstly, take a look at the effect the proposed Cnoc an Eas wind farm would have on one of the recognised viewpoints from a forest walk on the south side of Loch Meiklie.  This view point has been specifically dedicated by the Forestry Commission for the very purpose of viewing a beautiful scene.   The picture was taken - by one of our members - at a horizontal distance of 3.5km from the nearest turbine and the wire-line used to gauge the position and size of the turbines was provided by the developers Force9 Energy. (Due to copyright, we are not permitted to publish the wire-line provided by Force9  Energy on this web site).  Given the restrictions we have, we have tried to be as accurate as possible to interpret the size and positions of the turbines and we have superimposed them onto the picture below.  Note the close proximity to the community.  Click here or on the picture to see a short movie of the turning turbines. Turn on your sound.

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Below shows the panoramic scene that would be destroyed should the Cnoc an Eas wind farm go ahead

And now take a look at an animation produced for the John Muir Trust showing the proliferation of wind farms in Scotland from 1995 until 2015. Click on the link below:

Lock meiklie turning turbines 58 secs.mp4