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Please note that the Weekly Newsletters are no longer published.

Scottish Windfarm News No 14 - Week Ended 22nd January 2016

We have made a short video on the best way to interpret panorama photographs produced by Windfarm Developers for print and media:

Should any group require images of how the horror of an unwanted windfarm will look from their home, if they forward details of the planning application we can make an exact scale computer model of the area complete with animated turbines and even a full video, to demonstrate.


Dorothy and Michael Keane driven out of their home by the noise:-

Council block controversial Turriff wind turbine:-

Motorists 'face higher petrol costs' to hit EU green targets:-

Wind Power Down To 0.1%:-

Objectors fail to topple Dunning wind mast application:- 

RWE Halts $1.4 Billion of Onshore Wind Plans due to U.K. Policy:-

Tories face fight with Lords over onshore wind farm subsidies:

UK renewable energy industry is about to ‘fall off a cliff”:-

Warning Scotland will have to import energy from England:

India’s Energy Experts Baffled by ‘Greens’ Hostility to Nuclear Power:-

Time for a switch of electricity strategy:-

Scottish Government accused of planning cuts to climate change funding:-

Have your say on the Energy Bill:-

Wind Energy’s Absurd:-

The above covers just a selection of the many headlines this week.


Scottish Windfarm News No 12 - Week Ended 15th January 2016

Loch Ness windfarm project given new lease of life:- 

£75 million Macritch Hill Windfarm Plan withdrawn:-

Save our Southern Uplands:-

UKIP calls on Energy Secretary to get back to reality:-

Using precast concrete to build even taller windfarms:-

Propaganda from Vestas Wind Systems:-

The start of Global Cooling:- *********************

A post from George Lindsay on the SAS facebook page:- *************************8

£2 billion windfarm urged to base operation at Dundee port:-

Disintegrating Wind Turbines & Mass ‘Planned’ Blackouts in Germany:-

From Windfarmaction - I rarely comment on Climate but this says it all:-

Did you switch your lights on the day we were supplied totally by Renewables ?  Do the percentages in these two articles add up ?

Satellite data proves changes in Sun caused recent global warming -  not humans:-

6 x 132m turbines at Harburn, West Calder in West Lothian:-

Scottish Community Energy Goes From Strength To Strength:-

This may be of interest :-


Scottish Windfarm News No 11 - Week Ended 8th January 2016

Scottish Windfarm News for Week Ended 8th January 2016

SSE plan to add 16 turbines to a Sutherland windfarm:-  Gordonbush Windfarm near Brora has received £10 million in constraint payments since it
opened in 2012. Over the first 5 days of this new year it has received a further £137,394 to switch off.  And they want to add 16 more turbines ? ?

Concern over block on wind farms planned for ‘wild land’:-

The following is an article from the 7th January 2016 edition of reNews, the renewable Industry journal:-

Three excellent letters in the Glasgow Herald this week:-

Siemens secures 53MW Scotland wind order:-

EWEA puts pressure on UK’s Rudd:-

Scotland model electricity imports 2017:-

Viewing of Highlee Hill Turbine Plans - will have report next week:-

Bid to build seven wind turbines near Lauder scuppered:-

Anyone got a cork - a really really big one :-

Scots demand an end to Government's ‘Un-democratic Fixation’ with Unreliable, Insecure and Unaffordable Wind Power:-

The 'Wheel of Climate Change’ :-

An excellent letter from Lyndsey Ward as printed in the Press and Journal:-

Two Extracts from reNews just received :-.

RES files 66MW kite on Kintyre Peninsula:- 

RES is in the early stages of planning for the up to 66MW Killean wind farm on the Kintyre Peninsula in Arygll and Bute.

The developer has kicked off scoping for a 20-turbine project near Tayinloan on a mix of commercial forestry and moorland.

Tip heights are put at up to 150 metres and initial designs are based on turbines such as the Nordex N100 3.3MW model. A mix of tower heights, at 80 and 100 metres, is


RES is exploring an area north of ScottishPower Renewables’ operational 74MW Beinn an Tuirc complex and west of Eon’s 15- year old Deucherin Hill.

The location is also in a part of Kintyre that features earlystage, large-scale plans from Good Energy and Eon.

RES has meanwhile filed additional information in support of its 14-turbine Blary wind farm east of Glenbarr on Kintyre, which is the subject of a planning appeal.

The developer submitted updated collision risk data for Greenland white-fronted geese ahead of proceedings scheduled to kick off at the end of this month.


ScottishPower Renewables has filed to build a second phase at its operational Wether Hill wind farm in Dumfries and Galloway

despite the rejection of similar extension plans at the nearby Harestanes project.

The utility developer is seeking local authority approval for an around 25MW boost at the site west of Moniaive with paperwork lodged before Christmas for 11 turbines featuring 100-metre tips. Hardware would be installed in two new strings to the north and west of the existing 14-turbine layout on a mix of open and forested land.

The project will require a new substation and around 5km of additional roads. The original Wether Hill went live in 2007 and features Siemens 2.3MW turbines.


Scottish Windfarm News No 10 - Week Ended 2nd January 2016

Windfarm protest at Glencaird:-

Fears planning process weighted for developers:-

Scottish wind energy firms expect industry to shrink following tariff review:-

The infographic the U.K. government doesn't want you to see:-

Hadyard Hill - The Truth and Windfarm Lies:-

Objectors declare victory after Highland Windfarm plan scrapped:-

Controversial Mount Lothian estate wind farm plans rejected:- 

Call for national strategy to cut demand for electricity:- 

Climate Models Have Been Wrong About Global Warming For Six Decades:-

Wind farms a ‘serious concern’ for council:-

Former Dana oil chief urges Scot-Govt. to build new nuclear stations for baseload power and end its ‘fixation’ with wind energy:-

Plans for revolutionary Fife windfarm withdrawn:-

Days when wind farms run at 10% capacity: Union say figures show renewable energy cannot be relied upon and Britain needs nuclear and gas-powered energy plants :-

Malcolm Kirk’s Wind Farm News 2015

Malcolm Kirk’s Scottish Windfarm News No 9 for Week Ended 25th December 2015

The most sensible comment for a long time. - Why Climate Change Won’t Matter in 20 Years:-

This is urgent - Please object now to Knockskae and save our landscape:-

Scotland Against Spin:-

Old News but Good News - ABO ditches Allt Carach:-

Highland councillors reject Culachy Wind Farm:-

Scottish government to appeal against Stronelairg turbines decision:-

Outlander estate fighting Strathallan windfarm plan:-

The Paris climate fiasco leaves UK alone in the dark:-

Wind farm secures £83m in funds from GIB and KKR:-

Government pressed for windfarm noise guidelines:-

Wind Energy’s Absurd:-

Wind farms study notes visual impact on castles:-

Windfarm companies blocking Scotland’s planning system with costly appeals:-

Malcolm Kirks  Scottish Windfarm News for Week Ended 18th December 2015

A Christmas Card to YOU from US - feel free to distribute as you wish:-

Christmas Card ……..

Burning wood is not the solution to climate change:-

Denmark Backs Away From Green Energy:-

Securing future electricity supply:-

Dozens of new 'dirty' diesel generators to be built with £175m subsidies:-

Wind farms – a breakthrough in radar interference:-–-breakthrough-radar-interference

The Non-Binding Paris Deal And Its Implications:-

Solar panel subsidies to be cut by 65%:-

SSE paid to shut off windfarm:-

More turbines planned for Caithness:-

If you haven’t heard enough about Global Warming this is interesting :- 

In case you hadn’t already heard - Donald Trump loses wind farm battle at Supreme Court:-

New role for Methil turbine as research group takes control:-

New planning application located south of New Cumnock:-


Germany’s Wind Farm Noise Victims Detail Their Daily Misery:-

Britain Follows Paris Climate Deal With Cuts To Green Subsidies:-

George Lindsay has just emailed an interesting point from Swinney’s budget - under business taxation:-

” The changes will cut into tax breaks for firms - but specifically including the complete removal of tax reliefs from Renewable Energy asets that are not community owned !”

Many of you will know of Brenda Herrick( CWIF), gallantly fighting to try and limit the excessive number of massive windfarms destroying Caithness.  She had this letter printed in the Press and Journal on Tuesday. Much of the detail was supplied by Stuart Young.  Stuart’s answer to Nigel Healey's comment should be in the P & J (today) Friday the 18th. 


Malcolm Kirks  Scottish Windfarm News for Week Ended 11th December 2015

Windfarm site creates concern:-

Nicola Sturgeon says renewable energy schemes boost Scotland’s communities by £10m a year:-

Dear Nicola - Scots taxpayers lose £35m in failed renewable firms:-

Dear Nicola - Energy firm Aquamarine owed Scottish Enterprise £6m:-

Dear Nicola - Spain Puts its Economy Destroying Wind Industry to the Sword: ZERO MWs Installed in 2015:-

Councillors urged to reject wind farm near Fort Augustus:-

Wind Farm plans are blown away:-

 Carolyn Leckie: Objections to wind farms aren't all just hot air:-

Appeal over rejected turbines between Lauder and Stow dismissed:-

Diesel farms in line for power payout:-

Germany’s impossible and impractical wind and solar goal - includes a short video which is very revealing:-

EU green efforts cancelled out by Indian coal expansion:-

US Has Wasted $154 Billion on 'Renewable Energy’:-

Global warming zealots are fibbing to promote their own propaganda:-

Anger over threat of VAT hike on renewable energy:-

Surprise !!  Paris Climate talks deadlocked:-


Malcolm Kirks Scottish Windfarm News for week ended 4th December - please feel free to distribute far and wide !

Breaking Scottish Windfarm News 

Decision to approve 67-turbine Stronelairg Wind Farm 'defective' – judge rules that government’s decision to approve should be set aside :-

Short and to the point:-

The truth about China:-

A serious must listen to - Paul Younger on keeping the lights on - courtesy of Radio Four:-

Many green power plants planned for the UK ‘will not be built’:-

Caithness windfarm bought by Greatcoat for £85m:-

Solar Company faces biggest Bankruptcy in Spanish History - several other interesting comments included in this post:-

Blowing in the wind or wilful blindness. Christine Metcalfe’s excellent article in the Oban Times paraphrased here :-

Campaigners' totally confident’ Macritch Hill windfarm won’t get off the ground

Public enquiry on the cards for Crossburns windfarm scheme near Aberfeldy

Aberdeen Airport becomes latest objector to controversial Fraserburgh turbine:-

Siemens Inks orders totalling 126 MW for Scottish Windfarms ( Scottish Jobs - What Scottish Jobs ?):-

Overwhelming majority of Britons think climate change is FAKE - according to 14,500 people polled by The Express:-

Scotland needs an independent Nuclear Power Industry - and excellent read:-

Save Straiton for Scotland - Join us for our AGM and campaign update:-

Windfarm firms get large pay-out:-

Says it all really - an excellent letter from Andrew H MacKay in the Press and Journal:-


Some Scottish Windfarm News for week ended 27th November 2015:-


By the closing date there were 418 letters of comment of which 416 were objections.

Deborah Pender would like your support in her battle against the St Andrews University windfarm - closing date 1st Dec.

2 x new sites re:- STOP UPPER SONACHAN WINDFARM - Loch Awe - Argyll  :- ………….


Objectionable Saddle Hill Windfarm facing veto:-

Good News + more good news. Just in - the Mount Lothian windfarm appeal has been rejected after a ten year battle. Congratulations !

More good news - The UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has quietly slashed its forecasts for new renewable power capacity by one third:-

What a disaster - Map of all known wind energy developments in Aberdeenshire:-

UK Government carbon capture £1bn grant dropped - was this always just going to be another 'wave power’ loss maker ? :-

Shetland News …….Viking undeterred by UK energy policy fears:-

Wind and solar farms must pay their true costs, energy secretary Amber Rudd vows:-

Our obsession with global warming will cost us dear:-

Stop These Things -  German Energy Debacle More Ridiculous by the Day:-

COP21: Philippines wrestles with climate dilemma - a must read - for all the headlines suggesting otherwise this is the real world:-

Photos from Christian Berg's post in NO WIND TURBINES:-

A frightening new video from the John Muir Trust:-

Go Green, Get Diesel!! :-


Some Scottish Windfarm News for week ended 20th November 2015:-

Ministers refuse consent for Sallachy and Glecassley wind farms. Could this be the beginning of the end ? Probably not, but two steps in the right direction.

UK coal plants must close by 2025, Amber Rudd announces:-

The highly respected Global Warming Policy Forum had this to say :-

Written statement by Amber Rudd to Parliament - Priorities for UK Energy and Climate Change

Scottish Renewables respond to Amber Rudd’s speech on UK energy policy. Why is it that nobody ever points out that Nuclear, although nowadays being slightly more expensive that onshore wind, will run 24 hours a day and last twice as long as the yet unproven lifetime of the average wind turbine ?

Jack W Ponton FREng FIChemE Vice Chair, BNCG - Borders Network - the real cost of Wind Power:-

More Wind Turbines for Clyde Windfarm:-

News from ‘Friends of the Great Glen’:-

Scottish Windfarms get payout of £5 million because it has been too windy:-

Green Energy targets missed in both England and Scotland:-

The Scottish Government continues to blow warm on wind power:-

Questions raised over the cost of the Ben Wyvis windfarm appeal:-

Treasury Tax Plans will ‘decimate’ community energy projects:-

Scotland to get 200WM onshore windfarm:-

MOD attacks plans for Perthshire windfarm:-


Some Scottish Windfarm News for week ended 13th November 2015:-

As one example of what is going on at the moment in Scotland this is a video visualisation of an actual proposal still at the ‘scoping’ stage.

It is almost unbelievable that after fighting one of the most professional anti windfarm battles in recent times - and winning - Druim Ba is under attack again. Please follow this page and show support when they need it.

We were £10,000,000 short last week in stating the payment made to Whitelee + extension to shut down so far. The figure was in fact £35,000,000.

It’s the week when much has been made of Global Warming which has resulted in the desecration of Scotland's lands by massive Wind Turbines:-

And on the other hand from the BBC - known Global Warming fanatics:-

And on the even other hand from the Global Warming Policy Foundation :-

This article in the Scotsman is of value because of the intelligent and knowledgeable comments from readers - scroll down :-

Village Solar Farm applies for diesel generators as backup. Not only earning the subsidy for their solar panels but up to £2,500 per KWh for running huge polluting generators which are also now apparently our main fall back position for a continuous electricity supply in the UK:-

Ben Wyvis Windfarm rejected by Government

Wind power itty-bitty problems : job losses, skyrocketing prices and ongoing blackouts according to Friends against Wind in Australia. Worth watching this video which clearly explains where the problems with Renewables lie.

Opposition to plan for new look turbines near Leuchars:-

George Lindsay offered this in answer to a query on the SAS facebook page - Green Levies add £112 to energy bills - where does the money go ?

The Melgarve substation has been approved but is subject to Stronelairg Windfarm being built. The substation will look like this:-

Some Scottish Windfarm News from Malcolm Kirk for week ended 6.11.15

This news sheet is to generally inform about the excessive proliferation of windfarms and individual wind turbines throughout Scotland. Feel free to distribute it further. There are many Websites and FB pages available detailing the efforts being made by Scottish campaign groups to protect their landscapes and history.

Farr windfarms have been paid £9,806,365 in constraint payments this year - Whitelee has been paid £25 million 

Find out how much your local windfarms have been paid to shut down :-

George Lindsay makes a good point:”And what are we doing - closing our coal fired power stations ! The rest of the world must be laughing at us” Read the article here:-

Highland Wide Local Development Plan:-

Thanks to Christine Metcalfe for this. An increasing headache for Aviation:-

The good news story of the week is undoubtably the refusal of the Rannoch windfarm.

Campaigners to fight Perthshire windfarm proposals:-

From Wind Energy’s Absurd another excellent article :-

More good News - Antarctica gaining more ice than losing - NASA

Scotland  -  the "Renewables capital of the World” so more expensive electricity coming your way - more fuel poverty :-

Why the Paris climate treaty will be the flop of the year according to Christopher Booker:-

A new group has been formed to fight yet another windfarm on the shores of Loch Awe - Stop Upper Sonachan Wind Farm:-

Please join and give your support :-

RSPB needs your help - stop Strathy South windfarm:-

National Grid uses ‘last resort’ measures to keep UK lights on:-