Stop Turbines At Glenurquhart

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Response from EDF 11th Jan 2016  (followed by STAG reply of 20th Jan 2016)



Mr Tony Scorer

EDF Energy Renewables

Alexander House

1 Mandarin Road

Rainton Bridge Business Park

Houghton le Spring



20th January 2016

Dear Mr Scorer,

Cnoc an Eas Windfarm, Balnain, Glen Urquhart, Scotland

We refer to your letter dated 11th January 2016 in response to our letter of 7th November 2015.

The purpose of our letter was to ensure that senior management at EDF were aware of our concerns and that is why we copied the letter to Messrs John-Bernard Levy and Vincent de Rivaz. From what you have said in your letter, it would appear that EDF are fully aware of the extent of local opposition but intend to proceed anyway.

It is disingenuous to suggest that the number of turbines was reduced from 17 to 13 as a result of feedback from the first round of public exhibitions. Table 11.1 in paragraph 11.16 of the Environmental Statement states that the scheme was reduced “principally….to mitigate potential effects upon the Corrimony Cairn”. Force 9 Energy was fully aware that Historic Scotland had serious concerns about the proposal and was likely to object. It should also be remembered that although the number of turbines was reduced, the height of several were increased to compensate.

Many would also argue that it has become common practise for developers to include a larger number of turbines in their proposals at the initial scoping stage so that the number can be reduced later.

You mention that “it is not feasible to eliminate all impacts from wind farm development” and that is why we are opposed to an industrial site being built so close to homes and in an area of beautiful scenery in which many of the residents are dependent on tourism.

In our opinion, the Environmental Statement does not properly address the potential health issues of huge turbines being planted so close to homes.

We would also point out that the Glen Urquhart Community Council is opposed to the Cnoc an Eas wind farm. It is therefore unlikely that they would have “directed” Force 9 Energy to “negotiate” a community benefit package with Soirbheas in a way that would suggest any support for Cnoc an Eas.

Soirbheas manage the “community benefit” from an existing wind farm but adopt a neutral position as regards further proposals. They have always been clear that they do not represent the views of the community as regards Cnoc an Eas.

We are grateful for your offer of a face to face meeting with representatives of STAG but would suggest that further consideration of whether this would be worthwhile be deferred until after we have seen the “Addendum” to the planning application which we understand Highland Council are expecting Force 9 Energy to submit later this month.

Once again, we would urge you to reconsider this proposed development which is not wanted by the local community.

Yours sincerely

Dan Luscombe,


For and on behalf of

Stop Turbines At Glenurquhart (STAG)

Reply from STAG 20th Jan 2016