Stop Turbines At Glenurquhart

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STAG - Stop Turbines At Glenurquhart

STAG is a group of local residents opposed to the further development of windfarms in the Glen and surrounding area.


We were stirred into forming an action group by the Force9 Energy proposal to seek planning consent for a 17 turbine wind farm – “Cnoc an Eas”. This site is situated just over 2km from Balnain, less than 2km from Bearnock and the locally known Marchfield area of Glenurquhart.  The name Cnoc an Eas will mean little to most, but if the proposal goes ahead it will become the “Balnain wind farm”!

The initial proposal of 17 turbines has been reduced to 13, but there is a caveat to that as at least 50% of them have been increased in height by another 33 ft.  As a result, they would stand over 445 ft. tall (that is over 136 m in height). According to Force9 Energy’s own zoning map, they will be visible from as far away as Fortrose and beyond.  

Wider impact

We are aware of the scale of proposed wind farm developments around Loch Ness and are very concerned about the cumulative impact that such schemes would have on the area.

Local community

We are working extremely hard to prevent the destruction of our Glen and surrounding area. We are doing it because we believe this to be the most serious issue to affect Glenurquhart and the surrounding area in decades. STAG members are seeking wider support in the community.

Community involvement

Anyone who would like to join us is most welcome, as the more we have on board the stronger we will be. Joining our group is a first step towards objecting to such developments in Glenurquhart and to the Cnoc an Eas proposal in particular.

We appreciate that many of you may be against the wind farm but due to work and family commitments, are unable to offer your time.

This web site is evolving and key dates will be posted here. We look forward to receiving your support. Please contact us by email, our web site or Facebook.   Please Join Us.  

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