Stop Turbines At Glenurquhart

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An extra Scottish Windfarm News. Objections have to be in by the 4th Dec - this Friday.

Please help Denise Davis yet again fight off a proposed large windfarm. The image below is to scale and shows the 126.5 metre turbines as they would appear 1400 metres across the valley from her house.

Denise says :- Druim Ba Sustainable Energy proposed a large-scale wind farm in Glen Convinth, near Loch Ness, in 2010. The application was refused locally and later at appeal by a Scottish Government reporter and finally by Fergus Ewing himself. The developers have returned with another large-scale application, albeit a bit smaller, in the same place with the same impact. This application goes against the new draft guidance of HWDP for onshore wind, as the area is now regarded a no go for ANY wind farms. The new application demonstrates it will have a severe impact on the community visually and aurally. In fact, the turbines will have to be moderated for the developers to comply with Highland Council noise limits! The turbines 10 are 126.5mt. tall and will stand on top of a hill approximately 350mt. above sea level. Its 360degree backdrop is the sky with no hills to conceal any of the structures. Please object to this dreadful application.

The application can be viewed at

The planning reference is    15/03998/FUL

To make an objection you can either do so via the portal on the above link or by email using the following email address and format below:


The Head of Planning and Building Standards

ePlanning Centre

The Highland Council

Glenurquhart Road

Inverness IV3 5NX




Dear Sir,


Re: Planning Application No. 15/03998/FUL Objection to Proposed windfarm at Druim Ba


Your objection.....................


Yours sincerely



Full Address







Bullet Points for Objections


The approach of the applicants, relying on a remark by the Reporter in the previous s36 Druim Ba wind farm Inquiry report is wrong

This is a new planning application, to be determined now, based on policy and material considerations now and taking into clear account the cumulative position now 


The proposed running of turbines in a reduced mode is a hidden way of imposing higher levels of total noise on residents and compliance checking will be difficult

Properties will suffer a major or significant loss of amenity

This conclusion led to the rejection of the previous application and the same outcome should, being consistent, lead to rejection of this new proposal 

Planning Policy

The proposal is contrary to Policy 67 Renewable Energy in the HWLDP in that there will be significantly detrimental significant effects in terms of:

Natural, built and cultural heritage features

Species and habitats 

Visual impact and impact on landscape character 

Amenity at sensitive locations 

The amenity of occupied buildings having regard to visual intrusion and noise

The amenity of users of paths and other tourism and recreation interests   

The proposal is also contrary to Policy 61 Landscape in that the design does not reflect the landscape character and special qualities  

These adverse effects are not outweighed by the very limited benefits of the proposal 

Therefore, the proposal is contrary to the Development Plan and should be rejected

Material Considerations

The proposal is not supported by NPF3 and SPP2 on account of the significant adverse effects on landscape and amenity 

The proposal is not supported by the Council’s September 2015 draft Onshore Wind Energy Supplementary Guidance and would be contrary to the approach set out, in detail, for the Loch Ness corridor

Therefore, material considerations do not alter the conclusion from the Development Plan assessment – this proposal should be rejected 


The proposed wind farm will have a range of significant adverse effects that are not in any way offset by the very limited benefits of the scheme

Therefore, it is clearly contrary to the provisions of the HWLDP and should be rejected