Old “Monarch” of the Glen can’t bear to look.

“Get outta my Glen”

New “Monarch” of the Glen


And turns, occasionally!

Would you spoil Glenurquhart?

No, nor would we.

Take a look at the three videos above. The one on the left is of an Osprey fishing in Loch Mekilie on Apr 16th 2016 -  filmed by one of our members. Loch Meiklie is just over a mile from the proposed Cnoc an Eas windfarm.  Ospreys and other species would be in grave danger if this windfarm went ahead.

The video in the centre was produced by Malcolm Kirk which is specifically for the Cnoc an Eas wind farm. Take a look, it’s scary! Turn on your sound, there is audio in all the videos.
The video on the right, also produced by Malcolm, speaks volumes in a very short time and is very moving. Please share these links with everyone you know, we desperately need help and few are aware of what’s really going on around Loch Ness and the Highlands, we seem powerless to stop this ever growing menace and it’s spreading like a virus. We hope this madness will stop soon before it’s too late to save what we have left.  Please share with everyone by email, Twitter and Facebook or any other means.

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